Winter Newsletter 2019

Traditionally, the cold, wet winter months are when the Adele Searll 100 Club takes a little break from the important work we do. This is a significant year for the Club as it not only marks the 25th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy, but the Adele Searll 100 Club is celebrating its 40th birthday. Over this break, the committee will not only reflect on the past but also look at how we can continue to build in the year ahead.

In this Winter edition of our newsletter, we will be reviewing the first half of 2019 with news from the last six months and share what exciting events you can look forward to as we reconvene in September.

The Adele Searll 100 Club legacy

The Adele Searll 100 Club is a non-profit trust which was formed in 1979, by an astounding group of Cape Town’s professional and business women. These ladies, led by Adele Searll, became known for their active interest in welfare and community projects. Their influence spread as they networked in their professional circles and grew the organisation. The aim of the club was to raise funds to support worthy causes including a bursary scheme for tertiary students, education initiatives and charitable donations to the most needy in our communities.

Since its inception, members of the Adele Searll 100 Club have met for a monthly luncheon. The club offers a wonderful space for its members to socialise and network with like-minded women, express and exchange ideas and share common interests. Over the years, members of the club have forged indelible relationships and formed firm friendships with each other.

Although the purpose of the club is primarily to raise funds, it also serves as a space to provide insights and inspiration to its members, and as such, each meeting features at least one guest speaker who shares their insights or story around current interest. In order to keep its momentum, members are encouraged to regularly attend the meetings, which has resulted in a vibrant and social club.

The success of the Adele Searll 100 club has been its ability to not only retain its members, but to also keep welcoming new women, and now men, on board to grow the influence of this respected Cape Town organisation.


Inspiration from the last six months

The monthly inspirational speaker forms a foundation for our monthly meetings. When it comes to their selection, the Club’s committee looks at bringing in people from all walks of life including thinkers, movers and shakers, and people who can delve into topics of current interest and issues close to our hearts.

The past six months have seen a wide variety of speakers entertain and inform the Club’s members on issues that impact us in our daily lives.

  • January’s speaker, Jean Doyle, shared her creative process and journey to become one of South Africa’s leading sculptors.
  • February brought us Liziwe McDaid who spoke on governance and how democratic institutions can be, and have been, manipulated to achieve corrupt ends. She focused on the recent development and halt of the nuclear deal.
  • At the March lunch we turned to economics with Jeremy Gardiner who offered us some guidance in terms of where the best opportunities are to be found if we experience an upswing in the economy or where to hide during a downturn. He then put everything into perspective when he compared South Africa to other developed nations.
  • In April, Hayley McLellan, brought us to the forefront of the global environmental crisis and focussed on reducing our plastic consumption. Her insights were invaluable although shocking – of all the plastic ever made, 50% of it was manufactured within the past 20 years. She shared her five campaigns and demonstrated how we can all make a difference.
  • May ended the first half of 2019 with a celebratory luncheon as The Adele Searll 100 Club marked its 40th To celebrate this milestone, the lunch featured two phenomenal guest speakers. New York author and master provocateur, Joseph Jaffe, who briefly introduced his 5th book, Built to Suck: The inevitable demise of the corporation… and how to save it? followed by our keynote speaker, Derek Watts, who shared insights around what has shaped his forty-year career as an award-winning South African journalist, with his talk, From hot lead printing to snap chat, stories of change over four decades of journalism.

Growing our club

The Adele Searll 100 Club is continuing its tradition of growing its membership base. In order to draw in young professionals who are unable to attend our monthly luncheons, the Club will now be hosting evening cocktail parties. The inaugural cocktail party will feature familiar New York author and master provocateur, Joseph Jaffe, who will talk in more detail about his 5th book, Built to Suck: The inevitable demise of the corporation… and how to save it?

In another new and exciting development, men, who have always been welcomed at our events, will now be able, and encouraged, to become members of the Adele Searll 100 Club.


The primary purpose of the Adele Searll 100 Club is fund raising. Over the last six months, the club raised a significant amount through our raffle tickets. To add to the proceeds from the raffle, the Club is introducing its new exclusive Adele Searll 100 Club range of gifts. Greeting Cards and Placemats will be available at R200.00 a set, while our beautiful Rose Pictures will sell for R300 and R450 depending on size. Members will be able to buy these beautiful gift-items at the monthly luncheons.

Partnering for greater impact

The Adele Searll 100 Club has always been focused on making a difference in South Africa, and particularly Cape Town. In a country like South Africa, there are so many worthy causes to support, and as a club, we do our best to choose charities that are making the biggest possible impact in society.  

To make our contributions more meaningful, we have decided, as a club, to focus on collaborating with organisations who have a steady track record of improving the lives of people in needy communities. An example of our new approach is our partnership with Vintage with Love. Over the last 6 months, our club members have supported Vintage with Love’s drive to raise money for literacy. Many of our club members donated lightly worn clothes as well as attended the Vintage with Love May sale in Cape Town. We are proud to say that our Club was instrumental in helping Vintage with Love raise R1, 3 million for their literacy projects (Kidz2Kidz, Uphawu, Chic Mamas Do Care, Shine and Partners for Possibility).

Meaningful charity

In addition to the educational focus the Club has always supported a number of charities which are central in all communities. These include: the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, Domestic Animal Rescue Group, Animal Anti Cruelty, Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, Tears, Sisters Incorporated, Meals on Wheels, Kosher Meals on Wheels, Hope House Trust, Nazareth House Children’s Home, Darling Trust and Little Angels.

A BIG Thank You

Without our members’ ongoing support and commitment, the Adele Searll 100 Club would not be the iconic organisation that it is today. We value your contribution and the effort you bring to the great work we do. In addition, we would like to thank all the very generous people who have donated prizes for our monthly raffles.

A special thank you goes out to the Club’s official wine sponsors, Karina Briers-Louw and Perdeberg Winery, for their continued support over the years. Located in the Paarl region, Perdeberg is known for producing wines of excellence. The estate welcomes guests to come and sample their range and hear the remarkable stories behind the brand. 

Did you know Perdeberg reaches beyond the Cape winelands, to the highest mountain in Africa? The image below shows Christoff Briers-Louw (right) planting the proudly South African Perdeberg flag on top of Kilimanjaro.

Introducing our 2019 Adele Searll 100 Club bursars

This year has seen the Adele Searll 100 Club sponsor four students who are studying to make a difference to South African people. These remarkable individuals represent the future of our country, and we are delighted, and proud, to be able to support them through their tertiary education journey.

Jenna Annandale

Jenna Annandale

Institution: Stellenbosch University
Course: Masters Degree, Stress Physiology and Neuroscience (elucidating the pathophysiology of Schizophrenia).

I am fascinated by the human body, how it works and why things go wrong. I am particularly interested in neuroscience and immunology. I love to find the answer to questions with evidence-based understanding of the original problem. In addition, working in laboratories to make new discoveries and contribute to scientific knowledge excites me. Science is the engine that drives society. Without it there is no progress, improvement or understanding.

Vuyani Jordan Rens

Vuyani Jordan Rens

Institution: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Course: BTech in Management in Entrepreneurship

I chose entrepreneurship because I have a passion for business management. Entrepreneurship will help me achieve my dream of pursuing my business idea and the financial rewards to be gained from it. An important aspect of entrepreneurship is about contributing to employment within South Africa, and I would like to be a part of that. My ambition is to start my business with a local focus, before taking it nationwide and then across South Africa’s borders.  

Micaela Lurie

Micaela Lurie

Course: MSc Med
Specialisation: Medical Virology

My passion lies in the Sciences, namely Infectious Diseases and Immunology. My aim is to make a meaningful contribution to society in the field of research with a focus on HIV and other infectious diseases (in view of the many challenges facing our society in Africa). I have always been interested in this field of research and hope that my work can make a huge impact.

Michaela Palmer

Michaela Palmer

Institution: University of the Western Cape
Course: Bachelor of Pharmacy

The motivation for choosing pharmacy as a degree is that it offers a combination of all the aspects of healthcare that I am most passionate about, including teaching, research, community outreach and the challenge of developing my skills as a pharmaceutical practitioner. The rapid development of the pharmaceutical field over the years is also very exciting to me as a person looking to help the poorest of the poor in our communities.


September to December

The second half of any year always flies by. As we pick up our programme again in September, we can guarantee a number of interesting lunches in the lead up to the festive season. These lunches serve as wonderful networking events, and we would like to encourage you, not only to attend the lunches and hear from some of our remarkable speakers, but also to invite your friends to meet us and mingle with like-minded ladies and hopefully men.

Our upcoming four lunches are going to be jam-packed and hugely fun with give-aways and other surprises. Our line up looks as follows:

  • 10 September 2019: Spring is here! To celebrate, well known South African Horticulturist Keith Kirsten will join as the guest speaker and talk to us about sustainable gardening and how South Africa is playing on the global gardening stage with the Babylonstoren concept soon to be launched in Somerset, England.
  • 15 October2019: We will host a talk to raise mental health awareness in honour of Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • 5 November 2019: Always a highlight on the Adele Searll 100 Club’s calendar, our annual fashion show is a must-attend event.
  • Look forward to our final lunch and Christmas market which will feature a surprise December speaker.

2020 and beyond!  

Looking ahead to 2020 we will be focussing on hosting seven Adele Searll 100 Club lunches at the Table Bay Hotel. In addition, we will be including the newly launched cocktail parties and evening gatherings.  Your Committee is already planning ahead for 2020 with a refreshed vision for the Club.

The Adele Searll Club 100 Committee 2018/19

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our Club’s committee. These ladies dedicate many hours of their personal time to ensure the club continues to remain an extraordinary organisation that adds value to the citizens of South Africa and Cape Town. Our nine current committee members are:

  • Suzette Raymond – Chairperson
  • Chantelle Paans- Vice Chairperson
  • Natalie Jaffe
  • Dominique Lambert
  • Vivienne Morkel
  • Karin Leusink
  • Karina Briers-Louw
  • Carole Armstrong-Hooper
  • Rebecca Harvie

In order for the committee to best serve the Club, we need to hear from our members. We sincerely encourage your comments, questions, suggestions and of course compliments. You are welcome to be in touch with any member of the committee, who will be more than willing to pass your comments and thoughts on.

We look forward to a successful second half of 2019 and another 40 years of Adele Searll 100 Club legacy.

Warm Regards
Suzette and The Adele Searll 100 Club Committee