Confronting the Corrupt by Paul Hofmann

Paul Hofmann at the Adelle Searll 100 Club

Paul Hofmann at the Adelle Searll 100 Club

Prepared by: Dominique Lambert

On a very warm unseasonable April day the Adele Searll 100 Club hosted Advocate and author Paul Hoffman and associate Gail Washkansky, Operations Officer from Accountability Now.

Given the holiday period the luncheon chaired by Suzette Raymond at The Table Bay Hotel was well attended.  The food was delicious and the service attentive.

Paul Hoffman’s address based on his book Confronting Corruption was both riveting and enlightening. Corruption exists on an enormous scale in both the private and public sectors and we have to be active in our efforts to contain and eliminate same. He urged us to guard the Constitution and to acquaint ourselves with Chapter 9 institutions as they offer protection of our rights. He spoke further about the importance of establishing an Institute for Accountability to provide a link between the roles played by the Public Protector and Attorney General and to do our civic duty and avoid complacency in the face of corrupt practices. 

Dominique Lambert thanked Advocate Paul Hoffman.  The painting kindly donated by bursar Sarah Danvers was won by delighted Committee Member, Natalie Jaffe.

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